25% Off Tile Effect Laminate Flooring at Wickes

The worst thing about tiles is that when it comes to laying the tiles it’s a long, messy and often awkward process. That’s probably why some smart person came up with tile effect laminate flooring – giving you the look and finish of tiles with ease of laying laminate flooring.

And some smart person at Wickes has decided to give all their shoppers 25% of tile effect laminate flooring, so if you’ve been thinking of tiles, then why not try out this practical alternative. Though if it was your bathroom, then you should perhaps stick to genuine tiles, this laminate flooring, like most is not suitable for wet or humid rooms such as bathrooms.

Tile Effect Laminate Flooring

It is however suitable for just about every other room and all heavy domestic and heavy commercial areas, just avoid those wet or humid rooms. It can be laid over dry and level new floor finishes as well as existing sound ceramic/vinyl tiles, woodblock and cork flooring

There is however just one style of the flooring available and that style is called Anthracite Effect (pictured to the left).

Anyone who has tackled laying a laminate floor and laying tiles will surely admit that the laying the laminate floor was a lot easier, quicker and less messy than laying tiles.

When you lay tiles, you need to get messy with tile adhesive, cutting the tiles is not an easy job, certainly not as easy a jigsaw and laminate flooring. Worse part of all though is since the tiles are laid you cannot walk on them for 48 hours then you need to grout and not walk on them again, so if that annoys you why not try these out providing you like the style!

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